To where do these lead? From where have you come?

-by Andy Dudas-

_DSC0898Original construction on Notre Dame Cathedral began in 1163 lasting almost 200 years.  Spanning nearly the entire Gothic period. Proclaimed by many to be the most important example of Gothic construction in the world. Each block of stone, every pane of stained glass…everywhere you look, the mastery of artisans from centuries long gone fills your senses. Of all the things I experienced inside the walls of this eternal edifice, these stone steps spoke to me in a way that nothing else did that day.

_DSC1022.JPGOriginally hewn to a perfect edge and chiseled to a precise right angle, these stairs, now long since worn to a rounded and concave shadow of their former selves, serving as a marker to all those who have sought salvation. Those looking for peace and finding it in the hallowed nave and altar, in the peal of the bells, and in their own hearts and souls, in this the most magnificent icon of Paris. To think of the number of people, over hundreds of years, to literally alter the shape of stone by merely walking on them…is staggering.

_DSC0749By comparison these steps at the Musee Rodin are much newer. Without realizing it was happening, I was intrigued by steps. Of all the things to have impressed upon me in Paris, steps wasn’t one I would have guessed would get to me.

But the lines and symmetry are what spoke to me. Part of a large garden displaying many of Rodin’s works, these steps are just functional. They are not a sculpture. They are steps. There is nothing special about them. The atmosphere they are apart of though is certainly quite unique. They were in no way the highlight of the museum but I have to wonder how many people took the time to look at the steps.


Established in 1793, the Louvre offers the most modern of these steps.

_DSC1764.JPGIn a newly renovated entrance/atrium, these steps quite literally speak to the world. Guiding everyone to view wonderful works from across and around the globe. These steps, arguably lead to the most diverse and important collection of Art the world has even seen.


Notre Dame Cathedral, the Musee Rodin and the Louvre. How many have paved a pilgrimage? How many have strode these steps? How many have trod these treads?

_DSC1732.JPGoutside the Louvre

IMG_2164the Palace at Versailles

_DSC1099inside the Arc de Triomphe


Stairs…who knew?

-Andy Dudas – 8/1/2017

Andy Dudas has interests varying from painting and singing, to photography and prop making.  Pretty much anything that has a creative element.  Amateur status in all endeavors, he finds art everywhere he looks.  Always seeking his next inspiration.DIVA logo square transparent bg

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