The Metamorphosis of a Confused Artist

by Andrew Hoover

I’ve always been a big fan of art. From bright colors on canvas to beautiful photographs from a camera. Of course, being a disc jockey…I adore all kinds of music. Growing up, I loved to play pretend; one minute I was a doctor, then a firefighter and then the mailman. Naturally in about 2nd grade, I told my parents I wanted to try out for a play at the local theater. I tried out for a basic part, like “solider 2” or something. It had like 2-3 lines…I BOMBED it. Like didn’t even get a call back. I was devastated, never tried that again…or at least for awhile.

Fast forward to middle school, I started getting more into music. I started playing the trumpet, I liked it a lot. But after a few years of struggling…I couldn’t read music. So I stopped. At this point, pretty bummed at the whole arts thing. I liked to think I was artistic, But I couldn’t draw, or act or play music. I guess that makes me just a supporter.

At 16, I started in local radio…this gave me a small way to let out some of my imagination to create something. I was told by one of my radio mentors Dave Snow, that radio is a “theater of the mind.” Ever since then, I’ve made it my goal to create a fun and entertaining show. I felt like a theater actor…protected behind a microphone in a room where nobody can see me. I had some major stage fright that I found out soon into this job (probably why I didn’t get that role in 2nd grade…hmmm).

I had to learn to deal with the stage fright. My job required me to talk on stage in front of people sometimes but I couldn’t not be awkward. Well fast forward to Summer 2018 when two community activist I admire; Andy & Amy Dudas started what would be the Dudas Inspiration Venue for the Arts or DIVA for short. I was intrigued. I started following them on social media as they made their dream come true.

Soon enough, DIVA was up and running and forming an improv troupe. I asked Andy & Amy if I could join…little to my surprise they said yes. Our first day of learning improv, I met a lot of new faces. All from different backgrounds, different ages, interests and thoughts on what to expect, thus the Department of Improv was born.

The first day, I was instantly SOLD on being an improv star. Amazingly, I feel natural on stage with my fellow members. I feel like I can finally be “artsy fartsy”. I have a talent and I can make people laugh! Together, the Department of Improv at DIVA has created a new and hilarious thing to do on the first Fridays. The group has come so far as a whole and so has DIVA. Recently, DIVA purchased stage lights and a house speaker system for shows and events.

But I’ve also grown. DIVA has created a space where I feel at home. I see my new friends, and we create memories and laughter every time we get together. I’ve got something to look forward to and something I’m proud to be part of. I got over my fear of stages, and found an art to craft and thrive in.

I owe that to DIVA, it’s a true gem in our community. No matter your craft, or what you define as art…DIVA is supporting you just like it supported me. THANK YOU, DIVA.

Andrew Hoover 6/5/2019

hoover-headshot-blogAndrew Hoover is an award winning Radio Personality and Social Media Director at Whitewater Broadcasting. He proudly works with many non-profits in his community as a self proclaimed “community activist.” With a strong love for the arts; including being a troupe member of the Department of Improv at DIVA.

If what you have read here today inspires you, please check out the rest of our website.  The Dudas Inspiration Venue for the Arts needs your support.  Please contact us for more information.DIVA logo square transparent bg

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