We Need Your Help

-by Amy Noe Dudas


As always happens in the life of a nonprofit, it’s time for our first ask. The following letter is going out in today’s mail. We only used addresses we already had and didn’t farm from other organizations with which we’re involved (that seemed wrong). So you may not be likely to get one (I know, DANG) until we grow our mailing list. But please, if you’ve followed our blog, heard about our plans, and LOVE our concept, consider a donation today.

If you aren’t able to give right now, we understand. We would still love to keep you up to date on our goings-on as we make our intended space accessible for all art lovers and acquire the configurable equipment we need to let everyone unleash their inner DIVA. So, at the very least, click here to give us your information.


Here is the real letter, without all the begging above. Thanks for reading it. And if all you’re able to give us right now is your love and emotional support, we love that too.

23 October 2017

Dear Friend:

As you may have heard around town, DIVA has arrived. At least in concept.

DIVA will provide a flexible open venue for the exhibition and performance of any art form and foster an inclusive collaborative environment for inspiration and creation. We are an Indiana Nonprofit Corporation with 501(c)(3) status.

We’ve been blogging (check out http://www.imadiva.org, like us on Facebook @imadiva.org, and follow us on Twitter @imadivastudios). We already have a committed troupe of eager folks who will bring you improv performances. Beyond that, who knows? We envision poetry slams, modern dance performances, chamber music, storytelling, art exhibitions, progressive theater, even cooking demonstrations. Anything goes!

To get the ball rolling, Dudas Properties, LLC (Amy Noe Dudas, Member) recently bought 708-714 East Main Street and began operating Dudas Law (formerly Amy Noe Law) on the second floor. The third floor of this 1878 building (designed by well-known architect John A. Hasecoster, also known for the Gaar House, the Franklin County Courthouse, and the Gennett Mansion, to name a few) is a fabulous wide-open ballroom space with amazing views. Dudas Properties will donate the use of that third floor space to DIVA. But it’s going to take some work.

First of all, the building needs an elevator. Excluding certain artists and art-lovers based on their ability to climb stairs is a non-starter. The intended DIVA space itself also needs some updates and improvements, like an HVAC system, accessible bathrooms, a kitchen and bar area, and even a rooftop deck. We plan to seek grant funding from both government and charitable entities for a portion of this work. However, just putting together a presentation (with solid cost estimates and artistic renderings of our vision) will incur an initial cost.

That’s where you come in. Amy and I already have made some investments and plan to continue to provide funding. We could use additional support from others, like you, who recognize the importance of art in the development of individuals and communities alike. To bring those concerts, poetry slams, and exhibitions to life, we are asking the community to partner with us. The best part? The space will be made available to anyone who wants to unleash his or her inner DIVA by exhibiting or producing any art form. And how you define art is … however you want to define art.

We would love for you to join us in bringing DIVA to life which will, in turn, play a role in the community’s ongoing efforts to redevelop Richmond’s downtown. Feel free to e-mail us at diva@imadiva.org with your ideas and questions. Gifts at any level will help. Please give and unleash your inner DIVA!

Kind regards,

Andrew R. Dudas

President, DIVA


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