Live! @ DIVA

The DIVA is in hibernation! We hope to emerge renewed, rejuvenated, and rested.

live at diva

If you would like to find your inner DIVA and use the space, fill and return this Use Request Form.


Have you always wanted to produce a small one-act play? Do you want to share an evening of your original compositions for an audience? We want to help you make that happen!

Live! at DIVA productions or exhibits are events organized and produced by artists who seek to use the venue. DIVA provides the space, seating, staging, and equipment (as we acquire it), and the rest is up to the artist!

Here are the amenities available (so far) for your use:

  • 4 4-foot by 6-foot stage platforms (with ramp for accessibility)
  • sufficient chairs for capacity seating
  • 2 adjustable bar stools
  • 4 six-foot tables (with tablecloths)
  • 2 cocktail tables (adjustable height for accessibility)
  • wire wall-hanging system for graphic arts displays
  • stage lighting system with board
  • sound system (board is run from a tablet or smart phone via wi-fi) with bluetooth
  • 4 music stands
  • digital piano

Capacity of the space is limited to 49. This includes performers!

Good will donations are always appreciated from you and your audience. We’ll ask you to make sure your audience knows where the donation box is.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have all valid permissions to perform non-original works. DIVA now has general performance venue licensing through BMI and ASCAP. Please know that not charging for an event does not exempt you from obtaining the appropriate licensing! Check out this article for more information. And here’s information about common copyright myths.

Please respect your fellow artists and help us ensure they are properly paid for their work!

So long as you don’t charge your audience, you don’t pay to use the space!

If you charge your participants/audience for entry and/or sell your work and/or accept donations for your own organization or any other, we ask 15% of your receipts.

If you would like to process ticket sales/registration fees/etc through our website, we ask an additional 5% of your receipts.

We are happy to provide support to you as you work through the production process. We’ll train you on the use of the available amenities (stage lighting, sound system, configuring stage pieces, etc.) and consult with you as needed as much as we can. The idea is for you to experience that artistic process from start to finish!

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