Joint Statement of Richmond Area Arts Organizations

After a thorough review of guidelines set forth by Center for Disease Control and a consultation with Wayne County Health Department, a collective of Richmond arts organizations, including DIVA, Richmond Art Museum, Richmond Civic Theatre, Richmond Community Orchestra, Richmond Shakespeare Festival, Richmond Symphony Orchestra and Starr Gennett Foundation have agreed on protocols for offering live performances and events into late summer and throughout the fall.

As we face many of the same concerns around opening our doors and the significant cross-over in audience members, it is only natural that we work together to present consistent plans for fall programming and the continuance of live performances, demonstrations and events. Due to the fluidity of the situation, our plans and procedures may change, but we believe in the importance of collaborative efforts during these uncertain times.

Looking to late summer and into the fall, we are re-envisioning activities that prioritize the safety and protection of staff, artists, volunteers and patrons. Protocols include enhanced cleaning, staff training in COVID safety procedures, required masking and social distancing of those on site at events, and reservations to monitor attendance, comply with reduced maximum occupancy limits and facilitate contact tracing.

Our organizations hope to return this fall with programming in line with anticipated restrictions, including but not limited to: revised schedules with the possibility of fewer rearranged or rescheduled events and performances, a reduced number of artist participants, and a lowered number in attendance to ensure proper social distancing.

While this situation remains fluid and creates uncertainty, we must work to finalize viable plans to ensure the fulfillment of our missions in creating cultural experiences that benefit the community.