Join Us In Telling DIVA’s Story

DIVA serves three broad sets of constituents:

  1. Artists – Producers of Art;
  2. Audiences – Consumers of Art;
  3. Everyone – The Richmond Community.

We probably define “Artist” much more broadly than you do. You’re an “Artist” if you came to our storytelling workshop back in May of 2018. You’re an “Artist” if you’ve ever been to one of our Department of Improv workshops or joined us as a celebrity guest.

We’re all Artists in our own way. And if you seek an inclusive collaborative environment of inspiration and creation, DIVA is absolutely here for you.

And maybe you’re content mostly consuming the Art others produce. DIVA wants to provide a variety of opportunities for everyone to scratch that itch as well.

And finally – Richmond. DIVA builds community. We strive to strengthen Richmond’s commitment to quality of place for both its current and future residents. DIVA complements Richmond’s thriving art scene. We recently partnered with the Richmond Meltdown Winter Ice Festival in being a sponsor for the local arts ice sculpture and in offering a jam-packed and FREE Department of Improv performance during the festivities. We’ll soon be partnering with Richmond Civic Theatre’s Stage One Program in incorporating improv into its wildly popular Teen Nights. And we work hard to highlight the exciting things happening at other local arts organizations, like our recent video of Crimson Artery at Richmond Art Museum or our regular efforts to contribute to WCTV’s Access to the Arts.

DIVA is wholly committed to helping make Richmond a regional arts destination.

From the incredibly impressive Richmond Shakespeare Festival to the superb musicality of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra and the fantastic community opportunity that is the Richmond Community Orchestra, in addition to all of the above, Richmond’s got a lot going on for Artists, Audiences, and the Community.

So help us tell our story. Tell us why you think it’s important for people, whether they self-identify as artists or not, to have an opportunity to create art. Why is it important for individuals to consume art as an audience? And why should we care that Richmond has a thriving local arts scene?

Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.


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