Department of Improv

Get tickets!


The Department of Improv performs on the first Friday of the month, starting October 5, 2018.  Performances are at 7:00 p.m. (filters on – rated PG-13-ish) and 9:00 p.m. (filters off – potential for reaching an R-rated level). The house opens a half hour before performance time. Tickets are only $7.50. Seating is limited, so buy early! Beer and wine will be available for purchase from our friends and neighbors at Smiley’s.

Improv performers will seek suggestions from the audience. However, if you just want to sit and watch, that’s perfectly fine! Our performers will never call anyone out who doesn’t volunteer or embarrass anyone in any way. We promise! So come and have fun. You’ll be glad you did.

Generally, the performances will include five members of our company plus the Secretary of Improv – your host and emcee for the evening. We’ll announce the line up a week or two before the show. We will have celebrity guest performers for some performances as well.

Meet the Company of the Department of Improv!

Jared Adamson, husband of one, father of three, grandfather of two, owner of one dog; musician, home-canner and cookie baker.


Amy Noe Dudas founded DIVA as part of the super-duo that is Andy-and-Amy-Dudas. She plays flute, [and tries to play] piano, saxophone, and clarinet; directs; designs; reads; writes; and road-trips with Andy. To fund her hobbies, she practices law.



Andy Dudas is the other half of the super-duo DIVA founding team that is Amy-and-Andy-Dudas.  He has an affinity for all things creative and makes no apologies and will defend heartily his attachment to “Dances with Wolves.”


Andrew Hoover is a local radio personality and a self proclaimed Golden Girls expert who proudly resides in Richmond in a small but nice apartment.  He’s loud, random, and a little extra! 94% of the time he has no idea what he’s doing.


Amy Allen Sekhar
Disability rights advocate. Rogue academic. Animal hoarder… uh, rescuer. Amateur chef, bread baker, and joke maker.


Matt Socey is one of the voices for WFYI 90.1 FM in Indianapolis. He has been an actor and director at Richmond Civic and beyond. He’s been on stage with the Richmond Shakespeare Festival. Husband, dad and Detroit sports fan. Sometimes he forgets his filter. Should make the early shows interesting.


Trudi Weyerman
is an avid lover of all things that spoof Disney princesses and “happy ever after” endings. Originally from New Jersey, she is a fiercely loyal mother and friend. Her latest book “A Secret Affair with Alan Alda” is available on Amazon.


Robyn Zitnick, a mathy-sciencey type, is aging mostly with grace in Richmond. She sings, dances and acts a little and lives according to the C essentials: coffee, cats and crochet.