by Jared Adamson

Not too long ago, I worked in a cubicle.  You know the scene.  It was like I was in Scranton in a windowless paper company office.  My line wasn’t selling paper, but it was just as drab.  Beige walls, fluorescent tube lighting, plastic plants.  In fact, about the only sign of life among the drone and drudgery of this existence was the grey fuzzy growing on someone’s leftovers in the breakroom fridge.

And yet, somehow, I loved that job. Even amidst the daily grind, I found a beautiful existence.  It wasn’t great pay (‘cause I can put up with a lot for a good paycheck), but it was fulfilling.  And I was surrounded by beauty—beautiful souls radiating from beautiful carbon-based lifeforms.

There is beauty around you too.  Maybe you get to work with children.  That takes a person of special skill & training, but also a person with special patience.  And yet, the face of a child is beautiful—even if, or maybe especially if, it’s got smears of lunch leftovers.

Maybe you work in a helping profession.  You get to make someone’s life better.  That’s a special kind of beauty.

Maybe you get to work in the great outdoors where Mother Nature surrounds you and, as John Denver sang, fills up your senses.

No matter what you encounter in your daily life, you can find beauty.  Sick in bed?  The beauty of modern medical practices that are at work in our infinitely beautiful bodies is profound.  A lazy day on the couch with TV?  Incredible shows, both old and new, that make us laugh, cry, sing, dance, cringe and hold our breaths help us experience nearly every human emotion.

Find beauty and share it.

At the Dudas Inspiration Venue for the Arts (affectionately known as DIVA), it is our goal to make the arts accessible to everyone.  As a board of directors, we’ve spent countless hours discussing and debating a desire to not define art (thereby limiting it).  We want free-range artists to come and show us their creations and to make their art accessible to those that desire to experience it.  Be it product-based or performance-based, we’ve got space to share.

Some people see beauty and translate it to song/painting/writing/dance/etc.  Find your beauty from within or without.  And share it.  Others need beauty in their lives as well.

Jared Adamson headshotJared Adamson is the Minister of Worship and Creative Arts at Centerville Christian Church in Centerville, IN and a member of the DIVA Board of Directors.  Studying voice, composition, organ and improv, he has a Bachelor of Music in Church Music with a double major in Bible and piano from Cincinnati Christian University where he later served as an adjunct professor in the music and worship department.

If what you have read here today inspires you, please check out the rest of our website.  The Dudas Inspiration Venue for the Arts needs your support.  Please contact us for more information.DIVA logo square transparent bg

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