What Will DIVA Be?

By: Amy Noe Dudas

Featured Image Credit: Leap of Faith, by Ron Deane

At the moment, DIVA exists in concept only. We have a board and a building. We have a social media presence and have been blogging about art – as a concept, as a philosophy, as a way of life. We have a lot of ideas. But we’re obviously not up and running yet. And until we make some major improvements to our intended space, we won’t be. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t talking about it!

DIVA will be a blank slate of nearly 2,700 square feet that can be easily configured to suit the art being showcased.

You – the artist – will tell DIVA what you want to do. Maybe you play in a chamber orchestra. Maybe you want to exhibit a collection of your paintings. Maybe you and your collaborators have always wanted to put on The Odd Couple. Maybe you want to organize a poetry slam.

The sky’s the limit at DIVA.

DIVA will supply the space and needed production amenities such as staging, seating, display areas, lighting, and sound. You supply the rest.

DIVA will exist for art’s sake. And everyone has art within. Like Thomas Merton said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Art is everywhere and within us all. DIVA seeks to make art, in all its forms, accessible to everyone. We hope to remove any barriers to the process of creating, accessing, and enjoying art.

According to a national study on arts and economic prosperity, “Nationally, the nonprofit arts and culture industry generated $166.3 billion of economic activity during 2015—$63.8 billion in spending by arts and cultural organizations and an additional $102.5 billion in event-related expenditures by their audiences.” DIVA also hopes to contribute to the revitalization of Richmond’s downtown.

DIVA will help your unleash your inner DIVA. Help us bring this concept to life.

Amy Noe Dudas is a local attorney, community advocate, and avocational musician.DIVA logo square transparent bg

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