DIVA’s Origins

-by Amy Noe Dudas-

Husband and Wife team Andy and Amy Dudas have dreamed about an open-concept arts venue for quite some time. Combining that with their desire to be a part of Richmond’s downtown revitalization efforts, they saw an opportunity in June of 2017 with the availability of a building on Main Street. We hope that with some renovations (to include the addition of an elevator to ensure accessibility to all), our vision will come to life.

The venue will be a large open space that can easily be converted for use as an art gallery, a theater, a concert hall, a dance studio, or whatever works for any art form that strikes one’s fancy. We plan to have portable seating, configurable staging, an interchangeable lighting system, a sound system, and many other features that will allow local artists to exhibit and perform in an open, inclusive, and welcoming space.

The Dudas Inspiration Venue for the Arts, an Indiana nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status pending, encourages everyone to find your inner DIVA and share your art with the community.

Amy and Andy vegas

DIVA logo square transparent bg

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